Aktiv Harness, M | Nylon dog harness with neoprene

Aktiv Harness is step-in harness made of nylon, a high-quality, soft and flexible material. It also features a reflective stitching to keep your dog safe during night-time walks.

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Disponível em:
2 tamanhos - Medium and Large

Reflective nylon step-in harness

Harnesses present an excellent alternative to collars for dogs who pull, large or muscular dogs, energetic pups, etc. They work by redistributing pressure evenly across the chest and shoulders for easier training and outdoor activities, and can be more comfortable for some dogs. Talk to your vet or trainer if you’re unsure about whether to choose a collar or harness for your dog.

Aktiv Harness is a reflective and adjustable harness that is neoprene padded for that soft touch on your dog’s skin. Easy on and easy off, plastic side buckle that quickly clicks shut and stays put. Designed with adjustable tri-glide sliders on the chest straps for fast adjustment and custom fit for different girth sizes. Heavy-duty stitching for lasting quality and metal D/O-rings for higher tensile force. Matching Aktiv Leash is also available in the same colour and style to complete the look.


  • Made of high-quality nylon, a material that offers higher tensile strength than polyester;

  • Durable plastic buckle on the top for quick & easy release;

  • Soft neoprene-padded back for your pet’s optimal comfort;

  • Reflective stitching for night-time safety;

  • Tri-glide sliders for easy size adjustment;

  • Heavy-duty D-rings for secure leash hook;

  • Heavy-duty O-rings for higher tensile force;

  • Strap holders.

How to determine the correct harness size for your dog

The best harness for a dog will fit properly, be comfortable and provide the right amount of control.

  1. Measure your dog’s girth around the widest part of your dog's torso right, behind the front legs, with a cloth tape measure.

  2. Make sure the cloth tape measure is snug but not tight to be sure of a correct measurement.

  3. Your dog's measured girth size must fit within the harness’ adjustable range.

  4. Make sure there's enough room for about two fingers between the harness and your pet's chest for comfort.

Available sizes


2.0 x 53 – 77 cm


2.5 x 65 – 99 cm

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